What is Telephone Triage?

The term triage is french in origin, and refers to the process of sorting. The original concepts of triage referred to mass casualty situations, such as during war times. Triage, by definition, is a dynamic process as the patient’s status can change rapidly. With the evolvement of various triage systems, it is easy to forget … Read more

Telephone Triage Is Not Right for Everyone

You may be considering a remote telephone triage position, and don’t know if it is the right fit for you. Telework nursing is not for everyone, and the characteristics of a successful remote employee should be considered. Many people are very social and need considerable interaction with co-workers to remain happy in their position and … Read more

What Makes a Successful Telephone Triage Nurse?

I  recently started to ponder on our company and the nurses here who are successful, both present and past, and decided to share some insight on what has contributed to this success. Technology This is probably the first and one of the most important things that the telephone triage nurse should be adept at. Many … Read more